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Fine bidjar runner . Wool foundation.
Excellent condition. Circa 1900. 3'9" x 19'

Kashan. A wonderful range of marvelous jewel tones on a field of deep navy. Beautifully articulated birds are hidden among the thick forest of blossoms. A rare example in excellent condition. Circa 1925.

Kuba Soumac. The warm, classic design of this carpet is enhanced by a gentleman and his livestock. The Soumac weaving, which is flat and crisp, is brightened by the use of white cotton in the border. Good overall condition with some restoration. Circa 1890; 7' x 9'4"


Serabend. Excellent condition. Circa 1910.
5'7" x 13'5".

Northwest Persian Rug. Excellent condition with lovely, soft wool, a wonderful design and mellow color. Circa 1890, 5'3" x 12' .

Kashkuli Qashqai In fine condition with minor restoration. circa 1900 4'8" x 8'4"