We offer a full range of restoration services, including reweaving, overcasting,
rewrapping selvedges, rebuilding edges and corners, and repiling.

Antique carpets can be a great asset if they are kept in good condition. Understanding the importance of having your fine rugs washed properly is the first step in caring for them. The sand and soil that are so prevalent in this area are one of the most detrimental problems for antique carpets.

Restoration washing is done with soap and water only. The carpets are soaked in a vat so that all of the sand and dirt come out. We then rinse repeatedly, scrub with a soft brush, and soak again. When your rug is clean the wool is soft and lustrous.

Maintenance of the edges and ends is the next, really simple thing, you can do to protect your rugs. Keeping the edges and ends of a rug in good repair will stop the corners from disintegrating.

Restoration of damage or wear in a rug is also possible. Edges and ends can be easily taken care of, if things don't get too far along. Even if the rug is beginning to disintegrate, it is sometimes possible to rebuild the edges and corners. Moth damage and holes can be rewoven and minor slits can be rebuilt.

Dog bite -- before and after

Corner damage -- before and after

Slit wear - before and after
Look for the reweave and rebuilt side just above the yellow stripe.